Two Dudes Go To Europe And Play ‘Pull Or Die’ But Must Only Use Tinder To Find Food And Shelter

Most people use Tinder to get some ass (Even a few of the users who say, “Not here for hookups”). But did you know there’s more to Tinder than just using that pickup line of “On a scale of 1 – America, how free are you tonight?”

Ammar and Matt are part of the social experiment YouTube account Yes Theory and they challenged themselves to use Tinder for good instead of depravity. The dare was to not use any money to purchase food and/or lodging, they could only use Tinder to enchant women to provide them with their necessities. It’s much like the ole Pull or Die game you may have played where you go to a bar and give your keys, credit cards, and phone to your friends. Then you must use your sparkling personality to woo a girl into taking you home with her or face freezing your ass off outside.

The two gentlemen traveled to three iconic European cities: Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona.

They encountered a rough beginning. I thought for sure that they would have to start offering rich Parisian men oral treats in order to not eat out of dumpster and sleeping on a park bench with a newspaper blanket. But they managed to find some very kind ladies who offered food and shelter to the weary and starving drifters.

Here’s what Yes Theory said about the generous people who gave them a place to crash:

Everyone we ended up meeting was in the video…they were all so nice and spontaneous and just outrageously fun. What we realized was that only people who are willing to say yes to two random dudes sleeping on their couch are going to be open-minded and hear you out. So yea, only the best people :)

The two swiped right to over 10,000 girls in the three cities and had maybe 30 girls match with them. That’s not exactly killing it on Tinder.

Do you think they smashed AND got food and a place to crash? Ahhh the charmed life of a himbo.