Range Footage Of Direction Changing Sniper Bullet Is Proof You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

We’ve been following the EXACTO project from DARPA pretty closely. As you may recall from previous posts, DARPA‘S EXACTO project is a .50-caliber sniper bullet that can change direction mid-flight as the target changes position. In the past we’ve only seen glimpses of DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) bullet in action, but today we’ve got range footage of the ammunition being fired repeatedly, and the target changing position to a new spot each time. Once again, we’ve created weaponry so advanced that the old saying of ‘you can run, but you cannot hide’ is more fact than lore.

These live range trials of the EXACTO .50-caliber round were fired from both an expert sniper as well as a first-time user of the sniper rifle (as stated in the video). Here are the varying results in GIF that show just how effective this new sniper bullet can and will be in the field:



First-time shooter

As you can see from the footage and GIFs above, the EXACTO .50-caliber sniper bullet might be the most technologically advanced round ever created. The entire project is being funded by DARPA, a division of the Defense Department tasked with funding outlandish projects in the hopes that some actually turn out to be winners (like this one).

If you’re curious about just what goes into this .50-cal sniper bullet that allows it to change direction mid shot and hit a moving target then CLICK HERE to check out previous posts regarding this incredible achievement in warfare.

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