Allow a Man Packing Heat to Explain the Hot-to-Crazy Scale for Dating Girls


Men have been using the hot-to-crazy matrix for dating girls for centuries, long before it was popularized by Barney Stinson in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Since many guys use for judging if a girl is wifey material, it may be older and more infamous than the notorious “10”-scale of rating chicks:

Today a reader sent us this video of a middle-aged man breaking down the many, many nuances of the hot-to-crazy scale. It’s father-to-son wisdom all Bros should know, but also should be taken with a grain of salt. He vaguely reminds me of a television preacher and I couldn’t help but notice the piece he has strapped to his belt, but otherwise his drawing-on-the-whiteboard-while-talking skills are pretty much all there.

If you find a unicorn, catch it, Bros:

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