Watch This Kid Almost Lose His Junk By Over-Inflating And Then Exploding A Basketball


Did you know that over-inflating an exercise ball and then using it until it pops can cripple you? Darold Borman found out the hard way, and wound up suing the manufacturer of the exercise ball that left him crippled.

The allegations stem from a 2011 exercise session, during which Borman said the company’s exercise ball burst and sent him hurtling to the floor, leaving him temporarily unable to use his arms or legs and permanently handicapped…
Borman was put into a medically induced coma immediately following the explosion, the complaint said.
“After the exercise ball burst, Darold landed on his chin, chest, and pelvis and sustained severe injuries that required him to be immediately transported to the emergency room and hospitalized for his injuries,” the complaint said.

Via Argus Leader

That’s fucking HORRIFYING. You’d think it’s basically an oversized balloon…except it’s full of DEATH. Don’t believe me? Watch this kid do something similar, albeit with a basketball. The damn thing sounds like a gun went off.

Lesson learned: don’t over-inflate shit. You might die.

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