Facebook Needs To Get Rid Of The Poke Feature Because It Got A Bro Killed

The Poke


People are still using the poke feature on Facebook is probably the second most shocking news in this story. The other shocking part is a guy got so mad that his friend poked his girlfriend — ON FACEBOOK NOT IN REAL LIFE — that he punched him to death in the back of a taxi.

Scott Humphrey repeatedly punched Richard Rovetto after the pair had an argument in a taxi on the way home from a stag do in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.The fight broke out when Humphrey, 27, accused Mr Rovetto of contacting his girlfriend, saying that he had ‘poked’ her on Facebook.

The story goes from bad to awful right here — “Nottingham Crown Court heard that Humphrey asked the father-of-one: ‘If you’re such a good friend why did you poke my missus?'”

The dead guy has a kid. Ugh.

Poking has never, ever been a way to flirt on Facebook. Ever. It’s a way to tell which Facebook friends are super creepy and must immediately be unfriended. Was Rovetto being uber odd and possibly looking to have more with his buddy’s wife? Maybe, but he didn’t deserve a fatal beatdown for being a social media creep.

This might be the worst end to a poke war ever.

H/T Daily Mail

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