McDonald’s Pulled a Contest To Let The Internet Create A New Burger After People Submitted The Craziest Stuff Ever

Pro-tip: if you’re looking to make headlines about a failed marketing campaign then all you need to do is launch a website which allows the anonymous denizens of the Internet to name your new product. Back in March we saw the ‘Boaty McBoatface‘ campaign blow up in the British Government’s face, a few years ago we saw Lay’s Potato Chips trip and stumble when they let users submit their own flavor options, and now it’s McDonald’s New Zealand’s time to shine after launching a website that allowed users to submit names and flavor profiles for a new MacDeezy burger.

They’ve already pulled the website down, it used to be, but that landing page now just redirects to McDonald’s New Zealand home page. Thankfully, this is the Internet, and people don’t forget. Once something like this catches steam there’s a carbon footprint until the end of time, and the folks over at Dorkly grabbed most of the images of the ridiculous burgers and burger names. So now let’s take a look at what could’ve been, the burgers that almost made it in New Zealand:

It’s a bummer that McDonald’s New Zealand took the campaign down but I guess we should be thankful that Dorkly grabbed all the images. If you’re looking for more of these burgers that forced McDonald’s hand and caused them to scrub this from the Intenret then you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Dorkly.

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