British Government Found Out The Hard Way What Happens When You Let The Internet Name A Boat

If you’re going to ask the internet to name anything — a child, a pet, a product — just be prepared to be disappointed in response. Unless you’re one of the voting public, then the outcome is usually awesome.

From Esquire:

The U.K.’s National Environment Research Council has built a new “Royal Research Ship” for the princely sum of $287.8 million, and decided for some reason—civic duty? a sense of national collectivism? naiveté? never having been on the Internet before?—to allow the public to nominate and vote on a name for the ship online.

The name leading the voting so far?

RRS Boaty McBoatface. It’s received over 21,000 votes and climbing.

Other contenders include RRS Boat, RRS It’s bloody cold here, RRS Usain Bolt, RRS Ice Ice Baby, and RRS Notthetitanic.

Suddenly, Boaty McBoatface doesn’t look so awful.

[via Esquire]

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