Father Beats Son To Bloody Pulp In Family Room Boxing Match As Punishment For Cutting Class

Child abuse can be very subjective, what may be seen as criminal torture for one parent, another parent may see it as perfectly legal method to correct unacceptable behavior. This father certainly pushes the boundaries in proper parenting as he beat his son bloody for cutting class.

The father said he allows his son to skip out of school, but he has to let him know. “Granted, I know teachers can be fucked up so I let him know he can walk out of class, but call me so I’m on your side,” the father says. ” All day went by, he didn’t call.”

The father told his son to put on his gloves because “it’s discipline time.” Dear ole dad then proceeds to do work on his 17-year-old son in the boxing ring, which is in the family room of the home.

The father explained his reasoning for the beat-down:

“I’ve got sons, and I treat them like men. He gonna get this work like a young man, which is twofold, disciple for not following my directions, secondly, teaching him how to defend himself.”

“I ain’t worried about blood,” the father says as he pounds his son, making him bleed.

The fight is called due to the fact that the son is crying and bleeding profusely.

“That wasn’t even the first round,” the dad jokes.

Insult to injury, the father tells him, “Clean all this blood up.”

The father explains that he doesn’t use a belt because boxing gives his kids a chance and it let’s them get some aggression out.

The dad then warns his kid that his “report card better be golden.” I hope for this kid’s sake he has good grades or quickly learns how to hack the school computers.

How bad does this kid just want to be grounded and have his Xbox One taken away for a week?

Part of me says, if the dad was in the ring with the kid teaching him how to fight and did that damage, it wouldn’t look as bad. But because it is a form of punishment in the living room of the home, it kind of feels wrong.

This is very similar to the dad who made his son fight a pro boxer as punishment last summer.

Just a heads up, research from the University of Texas at Austin and University of Michigan examined 75 studies involving more than 150,000 children over 50 years found that spanking did not work and in fact, children who were spanked were more likely to defy their parents. However, it said nothing about boxing the shit out of your kid.