Fathers Hook Their Kids Up To A Lie Detector Machine And Ask Them Really Embarrassing Questions

For Mother’s Day, Distractify had kids shackled their moms up to a lie detector machine and ask them embarrassing questions such as “At what age did you lose your virginity?” and “Have you ever role-played in the bedroom?” That video did insanely well, racking up over 5 million YouTube views. Well with Father’s Day upon us, they flipped the script and gave good ole dad the chance to put their kids on a lie detector and ask them intimate queries.

Here were some of the more interesting questions:

  • Have you ever spent any money that I gave you on drugs?
  • How many drugs are you on right now?
  • Have you ever stolen from me?
  • Did you ever have sex in the house?
  • Have you ever heard me and your mom having sex?
  • Were you ever intimate with your stuffed animals?
  • Have you ever thought of moving out of the house?
  • Who is your favorite me or your mom?
  • Did you ever try your mom’s clothing?
  • Did you plan anything for Father’s Day?

So for one day of the year, don’t steal from your dad and don’t bang in your parents’ house, and make it a delightful Father’s Day.