The FBI Has Its Own Guide To Twitter Slang And It Actually Makes No Sense

by 4 years ago


Guess what guys, the FBI is on Twitter and they’re looking for bad guys. The only problem is that apparently no one in the FBI is below the age of 40 and understands texting shorthand, so what do they do? They make an 83-page manual full of about 2800 terms. So, you know, when someone comes across “omg” they can check and make sure it means “oh my God” and not “our murder’s good.”

Of course there’s other high lights, like “cp” meaning “child porn” and not something common like “computer.” That tweet you sent last week about your new desktop? Yeah sorry you’re on the no-fly list now, sucks to suck. The FBI clearly has no understanding of the English language either since they felt the need to define that “COP” is short for “officer of the law.” These are the people protecting our country? Really?


Check out the full released Twitter manual here.

[H/T Gawker]


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