This Is How You Can Find Out Who Your Best Friend On WhatsApp Is

Just like in Snapchat, WhatsApp keeps record of all the people you communicate with and ranks them within the app. Unlike Snapchat, however, WhatsApp hides that information from you rather than labeling friends with smiley face and star emojis. But luckily enough for you, there’s a way to find out who ranks in the top slot on your phone – and it’s simple as hell.

According to Metro, all you have to do is open up WhatsApp, go to settings and then select “Account.” From there choose “Storage Usage” and then you’ll see the total number of messages you’ve sent to everyone using the app with the most popular person being listed first. It reportedly may take a moment if you send a lot of messages using the app, however if you’re a more casual user it shouldn’t take long at all.

Upon finding out who your best friend on WhatsApp is, you can either come to the conclusion that you message that person WAY too much in comparison to everyone else, or that you should maybe take a break from using your phone so much – to fix that you could always send your newly discovered “bestie” a link to make their phone crash instantly, for shits and kicks of course.

Hopefully everyone involved will have a good sense of humor.

[H/T Metro]