Wasted Bro Tries Fire Breathing, Ends Up Burping Fire All Over His Face And Body

If you’re going to try your hand at fire breathing you need to be damn sure that you have all of your mental and physical faculties in order. Trying to spit fire whilst crunked up in the sizzurp is never a good idea.

While we cannot say for certain that this bro was knee deep in grandpa’s old cough medicine, I think it’s safe to assume that he was hammered given that they’re at a party on the beach, and he’s trying to spit hot fire.

When I was younger my parent’s had a friend who was taught to breath/spit fire, and she told me how nobody should ever attempt it, under any circumstances. She told me this because one time while ‘breathing fire’ she accidentally hiccuped, swallowed some of the fire, singed her lungs and got to spend several months in the ICU.

Bros, fire breathing is no joke. But apparently this bro missed the memo on that:

via @JukinVideo

All I could think about when this dude was spitting hot fire all over himself was Dylan from The Chapelle Show:


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