Italian Chef Tries To Pronounce ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ And I Know I Shouldn’t Be Laughing But I Can’t Stop



It’s not okay to laugh at people just because they are different from you. However, in this video of an Italian chef trying to pronounce ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ I’m not laughing at him because he’s different from me, I’m laughing because it sounds hilarious and he just can’t get those words right.

Admittedly, ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ is one of the most annoying words in the English language. Growing up, both of my parents mispronounced it, which led to a life of me mispronouncing it until I was called out in public for being an idiot. This guy however is not an idiot, he just doesn’t care about this sauce because it doesn’t factor into his Italian recipes.

And all of that said, I still know I shouldn’t be laughing at him…but I just cannot help myself. It’s hilarious. Sorry I’m not sorry.


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