by 3 years ago

Do you ever wonder what you get when you add a wicked brush fire plus a tempestuous vortex plus a smidge of awesomeness in a bad way? A motherfucking firenado that’s what you get.

South California has been devastated by a merciless wildfire that has singed nearly 7,000 acres, forced the evacuation of campgrounds and shut down U.S. 101, the state’s major coastal highway, for two consecutive nights. Things are only going to get worse as the “heat dome” incinerated the United States and pushes temperatures to scorching levels all over the country including 129 in Death Valley, California.

The firestorm is named the Sherpa Fire, and it has not only ruined much Santa Barbara County, but it has also created a rare phenomenon known as firenado.

The firenado, also known as “fire whirls” or “fire devils” or “fire spout” or “infernado” or “fister” (fire + twister) is the scariest, most spectacular weather wonder that looks like it is straight from hell.


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