This Bro’s First Tinder Date Was Going Great, BJ And All, Until Absolute Hell Broke Loose

Every guy wants his first Tinder date to end with going back to some chick’s house. This bro’s first successful night of swiping was going perfect…until. He meets some woman at a restaurant, all is going well, they head back to her place where things progress to the blowjob portion of the evening, and that’s when the sky began to fall. All hell broke loose. Everything and anything that could have gone wrong for him at that moment began to go wrong.

This is wtff123’s TIFU story about his first Tinder date:

First time using Tinder. I thought what the heck, might as well try it and see what happens. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I matched up with a very lovely woman and we decided to meet up. We met up at a restaurant in the city. Had a few drinks and a few laughs with some delicious food.
We also take a stroll around the city having a nice talk and getting to know each other. As the night ended I took her home as her friend dropped her off at the restaurant initially. I parked up in front of her home and was saying goodnight. She asked if I would like to come in side for a bit. I knew I scored big time so I was cheering. As I walked in it seemed like she wasn’t living alone. It was a pretty big house. I asked if she lived with anyone and she said she lives with her sister but she’s out of town and has the house to herself for a week.

We sat on the couch and eventually one thing led to another. Next thing you know I carry her to her bedroom and she starts going down on me. That is until the door flung wide open with her husband staring straight at both of us. Yes, her husband! I guess he was the sister out of town? He immediately starts charging at me as I stood there helplessly. He hit me with a flew blows and I was swinging back to get him away from me. I dazed him out with two punches to his jawline, push him real hard that he moved out the way and I hit the runner straight to the front door. All this was happening while she (his so called wife) was screaming as us to stop fighting.
This happened about an hour ago and I currently have a bag of cold peas on my left cheek thinking fuck me. Did I just really ruin a home, I honestly feel pretty awful. I wonder what is happening to her now aye. So long for online dating.
TL;DR. Went on a Tinder date, husband walked in on us, all hell broke loose.

So there are quite a few possibilities here as to what was going on. I happen to think that the most likely scenarios are the couple in question either (a) get off on this cuckold this situation, this is their fetish and bringing someone into their household in order to scare the ever living shit out of them is all just part of their kink, or (b) the couple planned on robbing this dude until he began to fight back.

Those are the most likely scenarios. I think it’s just highly unlikely that this all happened to an otherwise normal family, or that this was the first time any of this had happened to that family. That said, this dude had one hell of a first Tinder date and I don’t envy his night at all.