Bro Gives Up Alcohol And Added Sugar For A Month And HOLY SHIT I Gotta Try This!

When Sacha Harland set out to go a full month without drinking any alcohol or eating anything with added sugar he was already pretty physically fit, and reasonably healthy. So I really didn’t expect to see any significant results in this video, because it’s just 30 days, and there’s only so much that can change in a month’s time when the bro’s already pretty fit. That’s why I was so blown away by this video, his entire life changes in just four weeks.

Since this video’s not in English I suggest watching it with the captions on and at 2x speed, because you’ll absorb everything you need to know in half the time: it’s a difficult transition, sugar is terrible, you will lose weight, your energy levels will spike like never before, your body will thank you for getting healthy. After 30 days of eating foods with no added sugar and cutting out alcohol Sacha Harland lost 8 pounds, his blood pressure dropped from 135 to 125, his cholesterol went down 8%, and his blood sugar levels were considerably less. He reported feeling significantly healthier, fitter, and having more energy.

We cover Fitness pretty extensively here on BroBible, and this video’s just more proof that there’s always more you can be doing in your life to get healthy. I’d say I’m a reasonably fit bro, but I know that if I were to try out this ‘no alcohol and no added sugar’ challenge for 30 days I’d be a completely different man at the end of that month….So, who’s up for giving this a try with me?