Here’s More Footage Of That Giant Florida Alligator And IT’S A FREAKIN’ MONSTER

The other day we showed you footage of the monster alligator spotted on the fairways of Palmetto , Florida’s Buffalo Creek Public Golf Course. A new video has surfaced and, holy shit, it’s a freakin’ dinosaur. In the wise words of History Channel’s Swamp People, “dats a TREEEEEEE SHAKAAAAAA!!!

One Florida-based website talked to the people at the course about the reptilian beast.

Our hunt took us to Ken Powell, regional manager for Pope Golf. Powell oversees the 18-hole golf course.

Powell said the video — and the gator — are indeed real. Powell, who moved to Florida five years ago, said the gator can most often be found roaming around holes 3, 8 and 14. You might see him several days in a row, or not at all for weeks, Powell said.


Sometimes, the alligator hides in the nearby black culvert pipe feeding into the lake, Powell said. We opted not to poke our head in.


Poor Chubbs never stood a chance. I’ll forever be disappointed if Buffalo Creek doesn’t name this monster gator a Happy Gilmore-inspired name.



[H/T: Uproxx]