Insane Footage Of A Rapper Being Assaulted By Security Mid-Show After Trying To Help A Fan Being Tasered


A rap concert at New York City’s Webster Hall turned ugly on Saturday night after the performer was attacked by security after he reportedly tried to stop the bouncer from unnecessarily assaulting a fan.

According to Complex, Rapper Skate Maloley was midway through his set when he noticed a group of fans being assaulted by a security who was allegedly using a taser on one of them. He attempted to intervene by reaching down to grab the security guard before he was briskly bombarded by the security army at the 2,500 capacity venue.

The shrill screams in the videos below paint a picture of just how chaotic it was.

Maloley took to Twitter to call out the perpetrators.

He also decided to cancel his upcoming show in Boston following the incident.

Full disclosure: I’ve always had a deep desire to watch someone get tased. My only criteria is that the person deserves it. From the recollections of people who were there last night, it sounds like this was an attack rather than a security measure.

[h/t Complex]

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