Watch This Freight Train DEMOLISH A Stretch Limo That Was Stranded On The Tracks

by 4 years ago

So a bunch of Indiana teens rented a limo for their friend’s birthday. Probably were planning on getting mani-pedis, maybe grabbing some fro yo, possibly going to Bed, Bath & Beyond if there’s time. But their plans were quickly derailed (pun! Good work, Matt) when the limo driver got cocky and tried to drive the stretch vehicle over raised train tracks. Probably drunk.

Well, he failed. And the limo became bait for the 10,000 ton freight train that was approaching. All passengers got out of the limo and stood alongside the train track.

They tried to flag down the train unsuccessfully, and one person off camera can be heard saying “It’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop!” Welp, that person was right.

A local photographer was conveniently on hand to film the entire debacle.

When the train eventually come to a halt after completely demolishing the limo, the driver is asked “Did you see me?”, which responded “Yeah, but I got 10,000 tons behind me!”


[h/t Unilad]