What Dope Party Drugs You’re Gonna Do This Weekend Are Most Likely To Send You To The Hospital?

It’s Wednesday, Bros, so if anything like me, you’re about to start texting your drug dealers to make sure you are locked and LOADED for the weekend.

Cocaine, ketamine, molly, acid. What is a weekend without every drug known to man going up your nose? I’ll tell you, it’s fucking nerd city.

You don’t want to live in Nerd City, do you, with it’s pocket protector policy and non-alcoholic beer? Fuck that.

But for how awesome all these wonderful (wonderful!) drugs are, there’s a chance they might fuck you up too good. You know, you mix them with some alcohol, some weed, some racing fuel, and all of a sudden, you’re being rushed to the hospital against your will. Thousands of dollars in medical bills. Your mom, PISSED.

How do you avoid that whole situation? Duh, take the drugs with the lowest odds of hospitalization, which we know now, thanks to Project Know.

Bad news for fans of uppers, perhaps thanks to its ubiquity, cocaine is most likely to get you hospitalized this weekend.

From 2004 to 2011, cocaine was responsible for nearly 4 million ER visits. Methamphetamine, another substance with stimulant properties, places second with nearly 1 million reported visits in the same time frame – considerably fewer than cocaine’s staggering tally, but still a substantial number of incidents.

Good news, though, there’s still a lot of great drugs for you to take. MDMA, GHB, LSD and Ketamine combined accounted for less than a quarter million ER visits. I like those odds, and I like those drugs.

Meanwhile, if you were on the fence about doing any of these, this needlessly long and terrifying infographic will let you know all their horrible side effects.

Damn. I’m less enthused about drugs now. To learn more about why you should (probably not) take these, check out Project Know.

Hell, at least you’ll be an informed abuser.

[Via Project Know]