Apparently The Latest Teen Craze Involves Drinking Mountain Dew Mixed With Gasoline, Has Already Killed One

Shutterstock — DARLOS

Everyone knows Doing the Dew involves living on the edge, but teens in Tennessee are getting a bit too radical with their favorite soft drink.

They’re mixing it with racing fuel, drinking it, then dying.

Talk about taking things to the extreme.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Stephenson passed away on Thursday after consuming the concoction. His friend, who also had some, is currently in a coma.

According to Greenbrier Police Chief K.D. Smith, the two tried the drink on Wednesday before being rushed to the hospital.

“They noticed the color of his skin had changed and he started having a seizure. His hands started drawing up.”

Since the news of this broke, two other teens have admitted to drinking the mixture.

I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t do this. Uncut Code Red is strong enough.

[Via Fox 59]