Georgetown To Offer Descendants Of Slaves Preferential Admission

Listen, I’ve never hid the fact that white people who complain about slavery need to read a book. All that discussion of ‘white guilt’ shouldn’t even exist. It doesn’t matter if slavery happened 150+ years ago or that not a single white person who is alive today had anything to do with it, it’s a white crime. When you really think about it, only a white person could have discovered a completely new continent and thought, “What is here that I can buy that is not for sale?” And then followed it up by interacting with a never-before-seen race of humans and think, “You know where this person would look great? Chained to my front lawn.” So I’m totally into this. Maybe it’s the decades old guilt about a facet of society I never had a hand in, but even so, I’m still guilty about it.