This Girl’s 17-YEAR PLAN To Get Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend Is Just Pure Evil

by 1 year ago


We’ve read about some nasty revenge stories with ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends in the past, but this one is definitely an all-timer.

That’s because we have never seen a story about revenge on an ex that is set up to torture the person for 17 YEARS!

Which bring us to a woman named Harriet from Cheshire in the U.K. and her boyfriend Dan who broke up because he was apparently cheating on her.

Naturally, having been burned in such a fashion, she was looking for a little payback and she found it.

You see, the couple evidently had plans to go see JB, which we assume is Justin Bieber. Dan, who paid for the tickets had the nerve, after cheating on her, to ask her to pay him back.

And pay him back she did…


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