Girl Tries To Break Stereotype That Girls Can’t Jump By Leaping Over The Subway Tracks. The Stereotype Remains.

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“Freeze. Now I bet you’re wondering how I got here…”

I love women. They are so much better than men in many areas, including but not limited to, expressing themselves, organization, holding in their farts, and ignoring my texts. But, I’ve never met a girl with a vertical leap high enough to slide a piece of computer paper under. Lisa Leslie dunked in like 1999 and she’s like 7’9” and it is the poster highlight for the WNBA. The entire crowd went ballistic. All eight of them. Point is, generally, a girl’s ability to jump can be compared to Jason Pierre-Paul’s ability to play rock, paper, scissor.

But, stereotypes are unhealthy and in a progressive world, one woman took it upon herself to break the widespread belief that women can jump as high as my credit score. She succeeded well, it’s a start.

Can someone shovel this chick off the track because I need to take the L train to go meet my drug dealer. Thanks so much.

P.S. So sick. So fucking sick…

[h/t Barstool]

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