Girl Comes Up With Most Disgusting, Gag-Inducing Way To Keep Coworker From Stealing Her Coffee Creamer From Fridge

There’s a bunch of non-passive aggressive ways to keep someone from stealing your food at the office. You could hide your food, keep it at your desk, start ordering lunch and waste at least $15 every day…multiple options, multiple strategies that don’t work if you’re hellbent on bringing an egg salad sandwich to lunch. Have you ever had a warm egg salad sandwich? No? Then you’re lucky.

You know who isn’t lucky though? Whoever was dumb enough to keep stealing this chick’s coffee creamer out of her office’s fridge, as she decided to switch out one white liquid for another in an attempt to curb the thievery:

Tl;dr: don’t steal food, assholes.

[Via Reddit]