305 Lb. Girl Drops 175 Lbs. In A Year After Getting Stomach Stapled In Mexico And Becomes A Solid Hottie

Alaska native Courtney Walker once weighed 305 pounds. Almost no one (save for NFL linebackers and other professional athletes) is considered “healthy” at such a high weight, so when Courtney won her battle with uterine cancer she decided it was high time to revamp her diet and kick any nasty eating habits to the curb. “In August of 2015 after fighting – and winning – a battle with uterine cancer, and continuing to fall farther into a diseased state that included severe high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, I decided to change my life and get healthy once and for all,” she writes on her blog, FitMissBliss Wellness.

Opting for bariatric surgery, Courtney travelled to Mexico because the procedure was too expensive in the United States. “Unfortunately, my very pricey medical insurance did not provide any coverage for bariatric treatment or surgery, so, I found myself seeking treatment out of the country,” she explains. “I ended up on an operating table in Tijuana, Mexico on August 28, 2015 at 305 pounds.”

Since undergoing the procedure, Courtney managed to slim down and now weighs 128 pounds. She posts updates on her Instagram for her 30,000 followers, including before and after photos that show how hard work and determination pay off if you commit for the long run:












[H/T Daily Mail]