Everyone’s All Butt Hurt Over Photos Of This 8-Year-Old Girl Shooting A Deer Dead And Then Taking A Bite Out Of Its Heart

Guys, people are upset again. This time over an 8-year-old model American (who happens to be from New Zealand but whatever) shooting dead a deer with her father and then taking a heaping bite out of its “warm, quivering” heart.

The below photo submission to the New Zealand Woman Hunters page had picked up almost 20,000 shares before the page was taken down after the comments section went ballistic.


Here are some of the comments that flooded the post before it was taken down, screenshotted by Buzzfeed.

People are such hypocrites, man.  They see no problem with taking down a Big Mac or wearing a leather strap on, but when a girl takes a face full of deer heart, they suddenly turn their noses up. Let’s not forget that the same people who bitch about able-bodied people parking in handicapped spots are likely the same ones scrolling through Instagram while dropping heat in a handicapped stall. If you’ve ever taken a shit in a stall with a railing in it, you have no right to hop up on your high horse when I pull up to one of the nine handicapped spots to get a sub. If you’re going to express outrage, make sure it’s consistent, tough tits.

Johnny claims that his 8-year-old is a seasoned vet to the hunting game.

“Chloe has been coming hunting with me since she was eight months old on a front pack. This was her first deer. She has shot a goat, and been target shooting.”

He had the correct mindset about all the negative press he’s received.

“I’d quote the saying, ‘Lions do not care of the opinions of sheep.’ She wanted to do it when she saw a picture of her uncle biting the heart of his first deer.

“We’re not too serious about it; it’s something some hunters do with the first kill. I wouldn’t say [it is] ritualistic, but she is a hunter now.” (via Buzzfeed)

Chloe just give it some time and people will applaud you for it.

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