Watch This Girl Freak TF Out After Finding A Spider On The Ground Except HOLY HELL That Mofo Is HUGE

by 3 years ago

At first glance you’d think this girl was being a fat little puss, but once you actually sit back and watch this thing you realize that:

1. The boyfriend is being a dick
2. That spider is HUGE

I’m not particularly afraid of spiders and even I would have a moderate meltdown if I walked through my kitchen and found THAT chillin’ on the floor. I mean for fuck’s sake it’s the size of a Furby — imagine a Furby spider creepin’ through your house, peepin’ at you through windows and devouring your dog the minute you turn your back. Shit’s not cool guys. Instead of filming your girlfriend confront her worst nightmares why don’t you just step on it like a man, huh?

[H/T Mirror]

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