Girl Gets NASTY Revenge On Her Boyfriend After His Fake Proposal Prank On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day a man named Brad Holmes pranked his girlfriend by pretending to propose to her. Yes, it was brutal and it’s pretty amazing that she didn’t kill him in his sleep after finding out he was joking.

He didn’t mess around either. He did the whole bended knee thing, showed her a ring box, and then when she opened it there was a note asking to make him a cup of tea.

Watch the whole thing unfold below…

Pretty awful, right?

Well, instead of killing him like we figured she would, his girlfriend Jenny decided to prank him back instead. Big time.

How? By pretending that she is pregnant.

Watch Brad’s priceless reaction to both the “big news” as well as the fact that he has now been duped as bad as she was.

Something tells me that these two were made for each other and a “real” marriage proposal may be on the way. The only problem now is, will whoever gets proposed to believe it?

H/T LadBible

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