Girl Starts Fight She Had NO Business Starting, Seconds Later She’s Getting VICIOUSLY Body Slammed Onto The Pavement

This skinny chick had a plan, well she thought she had a plan until she got punched in the mouth. Her plan was to run full-speed at another girl and then jump-punch her. That plan was successful for 0.8 seconds and then the girl retaliated and retaliated with brute force.

The “victim” smashed back with lefts and rights and then she let all hell loose. She grabbed the scrawny girl that started the fight and BRUTALLY body slammed her to the pavement. Thankfully, the side of a car and a curb broke her fall a little bit.

If that wasn’t enough of a spine-breaking reminder that she shouldn’t have started a fight, the slam was followed by 11-straight seconds of some pretty ruthless punches that you could hear on the video.

The girl who was originally attacked finally releases the attacker by letting go of her hair. But then she proceeds to pound the girl’s face with several more hard-hitting smashes.

The moral of the story is don’t start shit with people who can wipe the floor with your pathetic ass.