Girl on Tinder Is Shaming Creepy Bros By Drawing Naked Pictures of Them

by 5 years ago


Artist Anna Gensler was on Tinder for six month, constantly be berated by Bros who she felt were objectifying her on the hook-up app. She was sick of the dick pics and desperate, rate-X pleas for sex from strangers, so she thought it’d be fun to take things into her own hands and start drawing naked pictures of the dudes being creeps on Tinder. Some creep even told her “your boobs are even nicer than my mom’s.” How bad of an oedipus complex do you have to have to say something like that?

Gensler’s pictures can be found on her public Intstagram page, which is absolutely hilarious. Read an interview with the artist over at Slate. Below is a sampling of her work. Not sure how great of a job she did with the male anatomy on these guys, but then again, most guys have been snickering over doodled dongs on notebook paper since, like, 5th grade. Most of us are true Michelangelos of the craft. Plus, the point is to shame them in the way that only a Blake Anderson-sized micropenis can bring shame a Bro. Well played, Anna.

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