Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out, Begins To Rant About Choking On ‘Big Black D**k’ In Front Of Her Mother

When I came out of my wisdom tooth extraction surgery I was in a complete haze but I still have memories of waking up and that leads me to believe that I was slightly more coherent than the people you see in these types of videos. The girl emerges from her anesthesia only to yell at her mother and claim that she’s ‘choking on a big black dick’. She is not, in fact, choking on a BBD or ‘BBC’ as they’re referred to on the street, but she’s instead under the effects of drugs and is very confused by the absorbent medical pads in her mouth soaking up all the blood from surgery.

Just because she’s not choking on a BBC and that doesn’t stop her relatives from filming her chanting ‘BBC!!! BBC!!! BBC!!!’ A video I’m almost certain the family will bust out for years to come anytime this girl starts acting a little too cool for school and needs an ego check.

When I came back for my follow up visit after getting my wisdom teeth removed the oral surgeon immediately recognized me and smirked. Then he proceeded to tell me about how they started to administer the drugs on me for surgery and I goaded them, telling them they didn’t have anything strong enough for me and needed to crank it up. The oral surgeon obliged, I think because I have zero memory of that conversation and I woke up feeling like a million bucks despite having four gaping holes in my mouth.

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