Asshole Girlfriend Pranks Her Boyfriend Into Thinking She’s Been Brutally Murdered

by 4 years ago

This pisses me off on at least three levels and the prank of pretending to be dead isn’t even the worst.

For starters, that floor is going to take forever to clean. I’m enraged just looking at it. It’s all seeping into the grout and shit and then both of them trudged it onto the hardwood floors outside the bathroom. As a very clean person, this kills me. I think I’d rather the person actually be dead than know that they willingly poured shit all over my floor. So inconsiderate.


Second is the fake death itself. So fucked up. Takes a real piece of shit to want to make a loved one think you were brutally murdered. Although this would have been less fucked up if the guy just stole a bunch of her shit, cleaned his fingerprints and left. That would have made the whole thing very satisfying for me.


Third is the takeout food situation. Poor guy has to just drop it on the floor to see why there is blood all over this apartment. What if they ordered fires or a juicy sandwich? Soggy. All of it will be soggy and disgusting and completely unsalvageable. Not to mention that it will all be cold by the time they get done cleaning.

Fuck this prank.

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