Girlfriend Won’t Smoke Weed? The Lady Behind Skinnygirl Cocktails Is Here To Fix That


I don’t know why most girls don’t smoke weed, but it certainly seem to me that fewer women toke up than do men. (Note: I have no research that backs this up. It’s a generalization I’m making because, fuck it, generalizations are fun.)

(A lot of fun.)

Why don’t women like pot? Is it the loss of control? The change in perception? Or is it because the marijuana gives them the munchies and they didn’t spend four hours at BodyPump at 5:00 a.m. last Tuesday to fit into these size four jeans for date night just to blow it all by getting high and eating a big plate of pasta.

(Carbs are the enemy.)

Again, based on no knowledge whatsoever of the situation, I’m gonna assume that is the problem.

Bethenny Frankel thinks it’s the same.

Frankel is the founder behind those obnoxious bottles of booze you wouldn’t touch if it was the only alcohol left on the planet, Skinnygirl, and she is here to sell the gals some weed that doesn’t make you hungry.

For the ladies. From Thirty Mile Zone:

Yes, the woman who built Skinnygirl products into a multi-million dollar empire is now branching out into weed. Our sources confirm Frankel is working on selling a kind of pot that does NOT give you the munchies.

We’re told Frankel plans to peddle her buds in states where recreational marijuana is legal … like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Now that’s the entrepreneurial spirit meshed with gender stereotypes we’ve come to know and love from Frankel.

Skinnygirl Marijuana. So stupid. Half the fun of getting high is eating all the things.

The other half is getting high.

[H/T Allie Jones]