Girlfriend Throws Side Chick To The Pavement After She Finds Out That She’s Banging Her Man

Timmy is one lucky man. He has a girlfriend who is EXTREMELY protective of their relationship, plus he has a side chick. What Timmy doesn’t know is that his girlfriend knows about his side piece. The best part for Timmy? He isn’t any where near the battle that breaks out when his two worlds collide.

Instead of the girlfriend focusing her anger of Timmy’s infidelity at Timmy, she decides to attack the mistress in public in broad daylight. Did the side chick even know that Timmy had a girlfriend? Apparently that small detail is inconsequential to the girlfriend because she absolutely attacks (Not very well I might add). However the side chick doesn’t fight back whatsoever. I guess she’s a Timmy-lover, not a fighter.

A large man breaks up the tussle by grabbing the girlfriend in the chest area and lifting her out of the fight.

You know Timmy is at his third chick’s crib eating popcorn and watching this video with a big ole smile on his unfaithful face. You’re a dirty dog Timmy.