Girls Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Hairy Armpits To Stop Body Shaming AND OK OK WE SURRENDER!

Listen, I know we live in a fucked up world with a plethora of injustices and unfair standards. I understand the hypocrisy of getting grossed out by a female’s pit patch when mine looks like I have Lenny Kravitz in a headlock. I guess I understand why girls feel obligated to put on makeup for brunch even though I’d rather have them go sans makeup rather than be 40 minutes late. Every. Fucking. Time. The closest thing I’ll experience to carrying a human child in my stomach is facing a burrito with extra sour cream at Chipotle. And I’d be willing to bet both of them hurt equally on the way out. So that’s a wash. And periods, man. God forbid. I have enough stains in my undies as it is.

But I guess I’m just a bit confused on this whole body shaming thing. Sure, we’re a society that puts a premium on an often unattainable body image for women, but are people going around calling chicks fat and shit? Not doing that is Being A Man 101. Every one knows that asking a chick how much they weigh is the equivalent to asking them to have a threesome with her sister. Just because magazines photoshop every ounce of fat off their models doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the standard we all hold for women. I personally like a little jiggle, a deviation from the ‘ideal,’ but when I’ve admitted this preference to past lovers, they are insulted. It’s like YO, ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? I’M LOVING YOU FOR YOU.

I don’t know, man. I’m still hatching it all out in my head. This may very well be why I’m 29 and more single than a dollar bill. Chicks are weird.

The latest trend that’s sweeping social media revolves around the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils, which translates to ‘princesses have hair.’

A 16-year-old from France began the trend to fight unrealistic body standards (even though shaving pits is completely realistic, but BUZZ PHRASES!), and it’s gained a lot of traction.

Adele Labo said she suffered from bullying at school when she refused to shave her pits.

“I think society stigmatises women, there is massive social pressure over body hair,” she said.

Well, ya. Give us a break. It’s all we’ve known. And Adele: 1.) Love your music. 2.) Dudes don’t exclusively hate pit hair on girls because it’s gross. We hate it because it reminds us of us. We’re shitty. Don’t be like us. You girls are beautiful because you’re everything we’re not. That’s a compliment, relax.

But I guess, carry on….


Ok, bye.

[h/t Mirror]

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