What Girls Think Your Name Says About You

by 6 years ago


It’s not your fault you are named what you are. It was the result of the amount of acid your parents took in the sixties and nothing more. There ain’t shit you can do about that. You should not be faulted for it.

BUT. But. But. People will still judge you by your name. People like women. BuzzFeed brought together a bunch of females on their staff and asked them to spew off the top of their head their first thoughts when they heard a man’s name.

Sure, it’s unscientific and based primarily on each woman’s past experience with specific dudes, but it is still spot-on. Take, for instance, me.

David = annoying and clingy and insecure.”

Yup. What are some of the other good ones?

Jasons are always hot but also douchey.”
“Especially if going by Jay.”
“Especially hot AND especially douchey.”
“I have a lot of opinions about Jasons.”
“What about JAYSONS?”
“Ew, no.”

Joshs are always hot.”
“Joshs are hot but they always know it.”

Tims are loners.”
“omg YES re: Tim

“Fuck Trevors and Travises, TBH.”
“Tr-dude names are literally so much trouble.”
“Is there any good tr-guy?”
“Trent = bad.”
“Trevors are the worst, though. Like, the W O R S T.”
“Trevors are the worst.”
“Someone I know got totally ruined by a Trevor.”
“Trevor is not an OK name.”
“I’ve never met a Trevor and I do not want to.”

Read the whole, fantastic thing here.