This Good Samaritan Pushing A Disabled Man Up A Hill In The Pouring Rain Will Restore Some Faith In Humanity

There is a lot to hate about this world we now live in. Terrorism, awful politics, people just generally being douchebags to one another.

However, every now and then someone does something that reminds us that not everyone in this world is horrible.

The woman who shot the video, Penelope Derksen, had this to say about the unidentified good Samaritan she witnessed…

On Sunday July 24, 2016 during a thunder and lightning storm a man driving by stopped and pushed the man in his electric chair over 200 feet, half of which was uphill. I cannot imagine how heavy it must have been. It took over 5 mins. Just want to say thanks for his quick response. He was aiding the man before I could get my shoes on. Thanks for people who renew our beliefs. It is heart warming.

Thanks, indeed, mystery good person.

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