Street Justice: Good Samaritans Take Down Mugger Who Attacked Mother-Of-Two Tourist

These crime-fighters are the heroes New York City deserves and the ones we need right now. The Good Samaritans took down a mugger who stole a woman’s backpack in broad daylight.

On Wednesday, Theodore Shearin mugged a woman in Midtown and thought he had gotten away with the crime. That’s when a group of brave citizens took action. The fed-up mob of 10-12 people tackled the thief on the sidewalk and enacted some good ole fashioned vigilante street justice.

“I heard screaming and saw a woman with a bloodied lip,” Deon Frank, 25, an actor told The New York Post. “All her stuff was on the ground. He reached down and grabbed some of her cash and start running away, so I chased him and he tried to attack me so I put him in a position so he couldn’t get me and I called for help.”

Frank immobilized the criminal by putting him in a choke-hold.

“One guy grabbed his arm to stop him from swinging. Another guy grabbed his leg,” said Frank. “People were trying to hit him, but I stopped them so he wouldn’t get hurt.”

“Do you want to press charges?” a pedestrian asks the victim, a mother-of-two who was visiting New York City from Arizona.

“Yes,” she replies. “He’s an asshole!”

Shearin, 37, somehow managed to get away from the throng of good-doers, but thankfully he was arrested by MTA police two blocks away. He was charged with robbery, criminal possession of stolen property and drug possession.

Faith in humanity restored.