GoPro Video of a Bike Robbery at Gunpoint Is (Maybe?) Real

According to the YouTube description, a biker was finishing a ride when three armed men approached and demanded his bike. He was wearing a GoPro on his helmet and uploaded the footage to the internet. Let’s watch. Discussion to follow below the video.


First off, this takes place in Ongegund, South Africa, outside of Cape Town. I imagine robberies at gunpoint are a much more regular occurrence there. Point: Real.

But, where is this gunman coming from? Has he been lying in the bushes for ages, praying a bike comes by? Maybe. Maybe this is a well-traveled bike path. Push.

The audio is not great, but why does the guy get off his bike so quickly? Seems to me he does it before he is even asked. Point: Fake. And the approach from the gunman. I know people are more chill about guns over there, but look how the robber is holding his piece as he gets close.

Point: Fake. And what’s with these two other guys who come rushing in? I don’t know. Seems weird.

My call? While we have lots of things pointing towards fake, I’m gonna let the South Africa factor trump them all.


But what do you think? Let us know in the comments.