Gordon Ramsay Sets Fastest Fish Fillet World Record In Head-To-Head Competition

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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay was apparently anxious to get a Guinness World Record to his name. I guess when you’re a rich and famous egomaniac with a loud mouth you spend a lot of time pondering the things in life you don’t have, which isn’t too different from life when you’re broke and wish you had more money. In the case of Hell’s Kitchen reality star Gordon Ramsay, he used his new TV show The F Word as his platform for setting a Guinness World Record and adding another notch on his belt.

For his ‘fastest fish fillet’ Guinness World Record, chef Gordon Ramsay enlisted the help of this girl from Alaska named Jennifer. I actually featured her here on BroBible in February of 2016 after a video of her filleting a fish went viral on YouTube. At the time of that video, most people said that she’s the fastest fish filleter on the planet. So she was a natural fit as a challenger to Gordon Ramsay in the pursuit of this fish filleting world record.

For this record to be official they had two judges from Guinness World Records on hand, and they needed to carve up 15 fish fillets weighing at least 40 grams each, and they had to do this in under two minutes. For this world record attempt, they chose halibut as the fish species. If we’re being honest, it kind of feels like they’re cheating by using halibut since all of the meat is on one side of the fish. But at the same time, this means these fish are designed to filleting at high speed which is exactly what was needed for the world record attempt. Coincidentally, it’s also the same fish that Jennifer was filleting in her original YouTube video that went viral.

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