Cage Divers Crap Their Pants When A Massive Great White Shark Tries To Break Into The Cage

I’m honestly half surprised neither of the divers had a heart attack after that encounter with the massive great white. Long after the shark has come to the conclusion that they cannot be eaten and swam away you’re still able to hear the diver’s muffled swear words screamed under water. But you know what, they shouldn’t have been taken by surprise at all. This isn’t baseball, it’s okay to take your eyes off the ball for a moment. Maybe if they weren’t so intent on watching the herculean female great white swimming around they’d have noticed that there was another submarine sized shark about to bust their cage open.

Upon watching the GIF below again, I can’t help but wonder what took the camera man so long to turn around and film that shark. One would assume that a several thousand pound shark plowing into the cage like a freight train would be something s/he would immediately notice. Instead it’s a very gradual, slow spin to film the shark before all hell breaks loose.

I’m beginning to think 2015 is the Summer of Sharks.