America Is Great Again: Group Named ‘Tramps Against Trump’ Will Send Nude Pics To People Who Go Vote


Likely Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s slogan might be “Make America Great Again,” but after hearing this story about people who are willing to send nude pics to those who prove they’re voting, who needs to change this amazing country of ours?

According to VICE’s Motherboard, a group called Tramps Against Trump is hoping to influence the younger generation to vote in order to leave an impact on America’s future.

Per Motherboard:

The rules are simple: send a direct message to the group’s Instagram account with a photo of yourself outside a polling station (you don’t have to show who you voted for), and the Tramps will send you a nude pic from their roster of women, men, trans, and non-gender binary people.

Trump has more or less seized the Republican nomination for himself at this point, so Tramps Against Trump is focused on getting US citizens registered and excited to vote, so that they’re ready to make an impact when the general election rolls around.

Unfortunately, Tramps Against Trump’s Instagram isn’t up anymore for some reason—I’m guessing it’s the crazy amounts of press they’ve gotten the past few days—but it’s still a very naked mission that’s going to move along.

Said the creator of the group, “Jessica Rabbit”:

“In the past we had Rock the Vote and other ways to get the vote out, but what do young people like now? They like naked people on the internet,” said Tramps Against Trump creator “Jessica Rabbit,” who wished to remain pseudonymous to avoid online harassment. “So, we’re using naked people on the internet to make a change and get people excited about something.”

“Whoever becomes president will have a direct effect on what we can and can’t do with our bodies, and how the law will move forward relating to us,” Jessica Rabbit said. “For sex workers, this is a really important election.”

A group called Sluts Against Harper used the same strategy in Canada last year, and its founder, Jessica Simps, thinks the same success can be had in the States:

“Nobody loves nudes more than Americans, they have such a hyper-sexualized porn culture,” Simps said. “They’re going to need a team of girls to hold them while they cry and feed them.”

If you really need motivation to go vote, naked pics from willing people is definitely the best one I’ve ever heard of.

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