Let’s Laugh At This Grown-Ass Man Cry Like A Baby Girl When Getting A Shot At Doctor’s Office

If you simply listen to the video instead of watching it, you will confidently believe that it is graphic footage of a man being physically abused in one of those sadistic Medieval torture device that splits a person in half from their taint. However if you watch the video you will see that it’s a grown man at the doctor’s office receiving a helpful vaccination that could save his life. You know the same shots that little kids get before they go to preschool and shit. Where many of them don’t even cry.

Now I’d love to trash this gentleman, but I too am a pussy when it comes to getting shots. However I have enough goddamn dignity to not scream like a little girl after the needle punctures my soft skin. When I snivel and cry, I make sure everyone is watching me when I “accidentally” hit my nose on a counter-top, so the people in the room believe that the impact made my eyes water. “No I’m totally not crying from my tetanus shot, I just hit my nose. Didn’t you see?”

Why didn’t this guy consult me before going to the doctor? We could have made up a scenario where he stubbed his pinky toe and that’s why wailing like a banshee. Fucking rookie.

On a side note, is this dude related to this dude?