Guess The Westboro Baptist Church’s Response When This Gay Man Called Asking For Advice Onto Getting Into Heaven

If you haven’t already guessed how the Westboro Baptist Church reacted to a gay man calling them for a quick little chat then I’m sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but you might be a fucking idiot. Actually, that’s a lie – you are a fucking idiot. No “might,” “maybe” or “possibly” about it, you are in fact dumb. Don’t feel bad though, lots of people aren’t exactly “mentally inclined.” For the sake of being topical just look at the Westboro Baptist Church! Never have a group of dimmer light bulbs who are convinced they’re flashin’ away at a full 60 watts ever existed. Watch the video up top and make yourself feel better, but for future reference try to stay away from the glue. That goes for huffing it up your nose AND eating it, by the way.