If You Love Gummy Candies DEFINITELY Don’t Watch This Clip Of How They’re Made Because It’ll Ruin Them Forever

I love gummies. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I keep a bag of Haribo gummies in my fridge at almost all times because I’m a seasoned vet and I know that gummies taste better when chilled because it makes them harder to chew and the experience lasts a little longer….After a life-long love affair with gummy worms and sour gummy bears I fear this clip might’ve ruined everything for me because until today I had no idea how fucking disgusting the manufacturing process when it comes to gummies.

The clip you see above is from Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens and in it we get a behind the scenes look at the gruesome truth about gummies, and now my life’s all fucked up…Like, do I finish eating that box of Dots in my fridge even though I’ve just seen the curtain pulled back? I just don’t know.

Here’s the description from the Vimeo video above:

‘Over Eten’ (On Food) is a tv show focussing on our present knowledge about food, produced by the news department of flemish public broadcaster VRT, Belgium. This ‘Gelatine’ video tells the reversed story of how gelatine candy is actually produced. Starting from wrapped candy, going all the way back to the living pig. Just by showing a series of reversed images it reveals a detailed and truthful story on daily foods and its origin. This video ‘Gelatine’ is one in a series of reversed stories on sugar, crisps, black pudding, rabbit stew, lamb burger, pastry and mozzarella. credits for ‘Gelatine’: director Alina Kneepkens, research Greet Verhaert, editor in chief Bart Mutton.

Sure, there are vegan/vegetarian substitutes for gelatin. But at the same time, my heritage is rooted in gelatin as my great great grandfather pioneered ‘Knox Gelatin’, the first mass produced gelatin substance in America (basically Jell-O before Jell-O existed). So I think I’d be acting like a massive fucking hypocrite if I didn’t continue to devour gummies made of gelatin on the regular.

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