Guy Asks Friend To Create A Dating Profile For Him, Friend Completely Screws With His Photos

friend helps dating profile photos


You would think that this would be common knowledge for most guys, but apparently one man out there wasn’t aware of it. And that would be that you should never, ever ask a friend to set up a dating profile for you.

I mean, you should know that if they really are any kind of true friend, they are obviously going to see this as a golden opportunity to completely mess with you.

And who can really blame the guy for screwing with his friend? When a buddy hands you a chance to prank him like this you simply have to take it and run.

What I like most about what this guy who posted the pics to Imgur did was the fact that he was so subtle about it. He didn’t overdo it.

All he did was add sloth faces to each and every photo on his bud’s dating profile. Genius.

It’s that kind of deviousness that made America great, people.

Check out the photos and see if you can spot the hidden sloth face in each picture. The answer is given away following each picture.

So how many did you find on your own? Better yet, how many girls do you think spotted them before he got wise to the prank?

[Reddit; Photo: dennizn /]