Guy Cuts In Line And Then OH HEAVENS NOOOO!!! He Receives The Most Disgusting Punishment From Drunken Sot

by 1 year ago

You know how amusement parks have a rule: “Line cutters will be ejected from park.” Well, I’d take being ejected from the park and ejected from the planet instead of face this stomach-churning punishment.

Two men appear to be in line at a liquor store to check out, but one man is completely hammered and in a daze. So the second man in line sneaks past him.



Seconds later the plastered fuck vomits all over the guy. He didn’t just puke, he was a human sprinkler of stomach bile, a half-digested slice of sausage and peppers pizza and a pint of Wild Turkey that spewed this ghastly liquid all over this poor man. The chundering maniac then hobbles off to go find a comfy curb to go sleep off his hangover after marking his territory.

Plot twist: One of the men laughing in the background is actually the mad puker!

The sot must have finally sobered up and is best friends with the employees of the liquor store because he’s in there all the time and they were like, “Dude, you were so fucked up last night!” And he was like, “Was I, I don’t remember anything.” And they were like, “YOU DON’T REMEMBER PUKING ON A GUY?!?!” Then they had to show him the surveillance video to prove it.

The moral of the story is don’t cut the line and definitely don’t stand in front of ridiculously plastered people who could ralph at any second.

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