Guy Pulls Off The Most Incredible Water Slide Exit EVER And It’s Blowing The Internet’s Mind

by 12 months ago

When you exit a water slide into that little kiddie pool at the end what usually happens? I know with me, if I am not paying close enough attention, I end up with a pint of chlorine up my nose as I immediately sink to the bottom.

Not this guy though. This guy in Jamaica just glides across the water like some kind of magician and stands up on the concrete at the end like it’s no big deal. No, I am not kidding. Watch…

(You can also view it here.)

My first reaction is, of course, no way that was real. I mean, it’s amazing to watch, but come on. Then, after giving it more consideration I suppose that theoretically, with the right speed, angle and some of that stuff that Chevy Chase used to lube up his sled in Christmas Vacation, it could be real.

Then again, when you factor in the reactions of the people around him, it certainly lends some serious credibility to the feat. ALSO, someone on Twitter pointed out that he was sitting on his shirt then put it on after the slide so perhaps that was somehow the key to the magic.

Regardless of how he did it, I am not alone in my reaction to this water wizardry as folks Twitter pretty much couldn’t deal.

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