Here’s Guy Fieri Drunkenly Kicking His Hairdresser

Maybe he's emotionally taxed? Earlier in the week, he testified in an attempted murder trial. Then, he finished tied for first in a nationwide-burger contest. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. That may explain why Fieri physically forced his hairdresser out of a car after landing at SFO. Let's watch the video, then jump down and discuss. 

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Which one of us hasn't wanted to say that to Guy Fieri at some point? Maybe not with the same intensity. But still, he's more than earned it after years of undeserved success. Afterwards, a source told TMZ that it was just drunk dudes acting like drunk dudes. Which is probably true. We've all taken swings and cursed at our friends. But we get to LOL at Fieri because Donkey Sauce.

[H/T Uproxx]